Acne Treatment – Truths You Need To Know

Acne is a common skin problem in adolescents and even young adults. There were also confusions as to whether acne is the same as pimples or zits. According to medical researchers and skin care experts, acne is worse than a pimple. Although a pimple is one kind of acne, a pimple is not that painful to the touch compared to acne. Pimples can only be irritating and painful when they are not take care of and when they are scratched knowingly or unknowingly.

Acne can lead to greater skin problems if not treated well and the soonest possible time. Acne may also be caused by too much exposure to the sun, to dust, and to certain kinds of food that may trigger breakouts. Exposed skin care treatments may be sought from a health practitioner, especially from skin care experts.

The Problem of Many Growing Teens for Ages

Pimples and acne have been the problem of many growing teens for ages. There are different causes why teens or even young adults and adults in general experience breakouts, too. But there have been news that doctors and dermatologists have now come up with effective and tested products that can treat acne and pimples. They claim a range of different medicines that can be used for mild to severe cases of acne.

Having a sure way to treat acne or even the simplest pimple problem will really excite many of those who are affected. But like any other new discoveries, an acne treatment has to be tested first not just once but several times and on different people to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Different people have different skin types. And each skin type requires different ways of treatment and probably even different kinds of medications. One medication that worked for someone may not be the same medication that will work on another.

Acne Treatment

Some of the treatments that some people consider in acne medication are products with benzoyl peroxide content and products with salicylic acid contents. These are two contents that over the counter acne medicines contain. It is not guaranteed though that these can treat acne or pimple because there has not been enough research about them. Yet, they are the most ordered or bought items in drugstores. Exposed skin care, clear skin max, Proactiv are a few acne treatment products, those contain benzoyl peroxide in them. Also note that, topical retinoids is more effective than products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Topical retinoids are well-known acne treatments. Examples of these are Tazarotene, Adapalene, Retin-A, Differin, Tretinoin, and Avita.

Topical retinoids are known to have the ability to unclog pores. Once the pores are unclogged, the medicine can freely enter the pores and battle against the infections, bacteria, or virus that may be causing the problem. Topical retinoids are also known derivatives of vitamin A which work not only to unclog skin pores but also speed up the turnover or skin cells. And, as good as topical retinoids may seem, there are also side effects that every user must be aware of. Users of topical retinoid products may feel some skin irritations or itch and experience skin dryness but that should easily be solved by easing the irritation or itchiness by hot compress and using moisturizers to prevent continuous skin dryness.

Aside from products used for external medications, there are also products for oral medications used to treat moderate to severe acne problems. These medications are called antibiotics. Antibiotics are good bacteria killers and they can ease pain and any inflammation caused by acne. In severe cases, topical retinoid and antibiotics treatment may not work. These situations call for doctors to prescribe stronger drugs called Claravis and Isotretinoin which is also known by the brand name Roaccutane or Accutane.

Lisa is a dermatologist. She has published various acne related articles on her blog.

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